Growing up, I often felt sick. Sometimes I felt alright. But I never felt good.

When I was 20, I did a month-long elimination diet and found out that I’m sensitive to gluten, egg, corn and soy. Honestly, it was pretty devastating. Food was something that I loved and now my options were extremely limited. Eating out was hard and it seemed like I never got to eat anything exciting.

Then, I married Ben.


He’s pretty great. He’s been experimenting ever since my elimination diet to try and find ways to make me the things I can’t buy out anymore. He’s made me cookies, cakes, fried foods, pasta dishes, sauces, and much more — all free of the stuff I can’t have.

We’re still learning together as we go, but a lot of people have asked for recipes and tips, so I decided to put them all together here.

If you struggle with food sensitivities too, I promise that food doesn’t have to be boring.

Happy cooking!